Hi Samuel

No you don't have to file a new PR. Basically, you have to:
* commit your code against the branch. At that point, there are two commits (or
more if you commit multiple times) in your branch, or PR if we talk in GH
* squash that commit into the previous commit so as to get a single commit.
* force push against said branch: git push -f origin your-awesome-pr.

That's about it.

This article sums up the process pretty well:


Sunday 21 Jun 2020 17:48:14, Samuel Bernardo wrote :
> Hi,
> I need to add a commit to a gentoo pull request that I had opened before.
> https://github.com/samuelbernardo/gentoo
> Is it possible to add the commit to that pull request or I need to open
> a new pull request?
> I already try to get help in gentoo-dev channel but I haven't voice there...
> Thanks

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