On 6/26/20 1:18 AM, Brian Dolbec wrote:
> On Thu, 25 Jun 2020 23:11:29 +0100
> Samuel Bernardo <samuelbernardo.m...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I send this email to ask for your help on selecting the project
>> maintainer for a new ebuild.
>> I created a pull request for the ebuild in subject[1] and the QA
>> reports complaints about missing project maintainer[2]. What should I
>> do?
>> Thanks
>> [1] https://github.com/gentoo/gentoo/pull/16399
>> [2]
>> https://qa-reports.gentoo.org/output/gentoo-ci/2e4d12bbfa/output.html#dev-python/rstcheck
> You add yourself as primary maintainer.  The proxy maintainers will add
> themselves for the merge to the repo after all review is done.  This
> will mean that you will need to maintain the pkg, do the version bumps,
> etc..  The proxy team will help merge the changes to the ebuild tree.

This results in a CI error, and personally I often just skip PRs that
have CI errors. So you can imagine this is not the best suggestion ;)

Currently proxy-maint team isn't merging new packages to ::gentoo tree,
because self-maintained packages already take too much work. We are
currently ~14 days behind on those. Please read more here,

So the only choice for now is to use ::guru overlay,

Also can I ask you to stop posting to this mailing list about every
minor obstacle you come ahead? There are multiple more suitable support
channels available (forums, IRC, -user ML), these topics have nothing to
do with Gentoo development.

-- juippis

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