Hello everyone,

Several developers have loudly complained about the recent Py2 masks and
the subsequent timeline for removal.

As such, I want to *inform* you of some tools to help and why the
timeline was chosen.

First, there is some awesome tooling, hosted by infra, that can aid you
in identifying Py2 only packages. Currently, it does not list each
package along with a maintainer, but it does identify packages which are
Py2 only [1]. Additionally, Michal even generates a sweet graphic for
those wishing to see the tree view of RDEPS/DEPS/BDEPS/etc [2]... it
isn't perfect... so please do double check, but it helps in identifying
potential candidates.

Second, the reason for choosing 14 day removal periods was simply to
speed up the process of removal. Given the latest filing of a QA bug,
these will now default to the mandated 30+ day removal period. However,
I would offer that all developers should review the below references and
understand that removing Py2 is a very long process. As such, the
current masks are an attempt to abide by the the security and
deprecation timeline of Py2.

Please assist the Python team and the larger Gentoo community in making
an effort to rid ::gentoo (mainline tree) of dev-lang/python:2.7. Also,
please understand the deprecation of subsequent dev-lang/python:3*
interpreters which have bugs being filed against them now. The breadth
of such an understaking is understated with the continual move upstream
to new versions. As a "rolling distribution" it becomes much more
difficult for us to make such "muscle movements" without interruption.

Finally, please check out the infra hosted tooling at
https://qa-reports.gentoo.org which has many other sections that run
various QA checks for Gentoo.

[1]: https://qa-reports.gentoo.org/output/gpyutils/py2.txt
[2]: https://qa-reports.gentoo.org/output/gpyutils/py2.svg


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