On 6/27/20 2:28 AM, Robin H. Johnson wrote:
> TL;DR: Please make it easier to search on the QA reports site for
> issues, and only show things directly relevant to the search.
> A long time ago, there was blizzy's site that listed packages that were
> stabilization candidates, and you could filter by developer. It really
> helped making it easier to detect and progress.

$ pkgcheck --color true scan $(git grep -l robb...@gentoo.org
'**/metadata.xml' | cut -d/ -f1-2) -c StableRequestCheck -R
FormatReporter --format 'stabilize {category}/{package}-{version}  # {desc}'

There's also a bug open to integrate some of the pkgchecks to p.g.o,

> At a bare minimum, having an on-site way that already expands the data
> and makes it searchable by developer.

You can filter the output.html per-dev/per-project, but it's not as
verbose as running pkgcheck locally can be.



It doesn't straight out show python2 like this, but with the
package.deprecated entry for it, it'll flag newly added py2 commits.

-- juippis

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