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> With LD set to something libtooly in the
> environment, the pari build fails. We can solve that by unsetting LD in
> the ebuild, but for that to be The Right Thing To Do, we should be
> expecting LD to contain something libtooly, and thus something
> inappropriate to be passed to the pari build.
> To avoid these issues, I suggest creating a list of "Gentoo environment
> variables" in the devmanual with descriptions of how they should be used
> and pointers to the references (for why we chose that meaning). That way
> a user can export LD, for example, and know that it will be used how he
> thinks it will be used.

That LD problem is not unique to Pari, ftr. Its a problem in *all* Perl
things that involve C parts.

Because Perl code expects "LD" to be a "CCLD", and passes flags a CCLD
would expect, which LD can't handle.

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