On 6/30/20 1:28 AM, Max Magorsch wrote:
> 1. Would you prefer this information to be displayed in packages.g.o
> using a 'developer mode' or would you prefer a separate application
> similar to the idea of project Grumpy?

I'd prefer not to scatter tools around anymore. 'Developer' mode sounds
better from these two options, but as you already know, I'd prefer
showing relevant CI checks for users as well.

> 3. What else would you like to see here? For instance, I could think
> of a configurable dashboard that shows all pkgcheck warnings, new
> versions and open pull requests for packages that a developer
> maintains. Would that be useful? What else could you think of?

I'm happy with what you've come up. Can we change the defaults from
pkgcheck though? I don't think these 'UnstableOnly' or 'PotentialStable'
benefit anyone since they cause a lot of noise, and checking
PotentialStable still requires a lot of maintainer attention.

I'd like to see them be replaced with 'StableRequestCheck' and
'RedundantVersionCheck' which I believe servers majority of maintainers

Then obviously the usual CI checks, AbsoluteSymlink, BannedEapiCommand
etc what is shown here:


Showing open pull requests would be a **massive** enhancement to
developer mode in my opinion.  

This is the alpha version, right? Looking good so far! Thanks for your work.

-- juippis

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