On 2020-08-06 14:22, Michał Górny wrote:
>> - I am not 100% happy with the title but the 50 char limit
>>   doesn't allow any more details.
> Yes, the title doesn't say a thing why would anyone want to read this
> news item or not.


> Be aware of possible reboot problems


>> - No Display-If condition because it is neither a genkernel nor
>>   kexec-tools issue. We maybe even have additional packages
>>   which are appending to kernel command-line I am not aware of.
> Showing this news on all old and new Gentoo systems makes little sense.
>  Either someone is newly affected, then Display-if should determine it,
> or someone is *not* newly affected, then you're either telling him
> something he already knows or something that is of little value to him.
> News items should be precisely this -- news.  Not random pieces of
> information you've just discovered and want to share with everyone.
>  This is what documentation is about, and it should be in some kernel-
> related piece of documentation (handbook?) and not scattered around
> in news items.

Sure, you are basically repeating what I wrote in my prolog.

But the reason why I drafted that news item despite of this is the
consideration that an unbootable system outweigh the risk to waste
anyone's time to read something even if they are not affected. Note that
news items will appear through multiple channels. So if this will help
someone who didn't read documentation before or just didn't realize the
obvious risk he/she is taking when using non-persistent names ("It
worked that way for me past 15 years!") I believe it has served its purpose.

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