To summarize

- There's no known bugs in eudev that are not in udev
- There's no bug that would be fixed by switch from eudev to udev
- There's no new feature that would change eudev to udev bring
- Currently musl and glibc profiles uses common eudev, after change we
whould have musl profile users use something that glibc users are not using
- You don't like the original decision to switch to eudev so you want
now to use uno reverse card.
- eudev have single maintainer, but so far it did not had negative
impact on Gentoo

I see no reason to switch to sys-fs/udev by default, up until there's
actually a technical reason behind it. The eudev is a thing because
systemd upstream made it clear that they have no intention into keeping
udev operational unless it runs under systemd, which is quite important

-- Piotr.

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