On 8/11/20 11:36 AM, Jaco Kroon wrote:
> And I've already provided you one use case where udev doesn't work well
> but eudev does.  I've also mentioned some historic issues I believe
> should already be fixed but which did bit me in systemd-udev which was
> never a problem in eudev.
Your systems seem to diverge a lot from what I'd consider as 'default'.
You must already make many changes to them.

Before this thread I didn't even know/remember I was using eudev. It
works and there doesn't seem to be any global issues related to it.
However after reading this thread I'm a bit considered about the
maintenance state of it.

Switched to udev. Simple as 'emerge -1 sys-fs/udev'. It works, didn't
notice any difference.

If musl is a problem, to my knowledge musl has its own stage images, so
why can't those stages use eudev while other ones defaulting to udev?

-- juippis

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