Dear Matthew,

I notice that you have recently stabilised app-admin/ansible-2.10.0 in
Gentoo. Ansible upstream has introduced in that version major changes to
their project structure [1] which given the current state of Ansible
packaging in Gentoo can be considered severely breaking for our users.
Therefore, please:
 1. Revert stabilisation of 2.10.0, and
 2. Either
   * by no means remove 2.9.12 from the tree for the time being, and
before attempting to stabilise 2.10+ again either prepare a news item
warning the users about upcoming breaking changes or package a suitable
set of formerly-core modules; or
   * simply pull the current incarnation of 2.10.0 from the tree and
only reintroduce it once the ansible (*not* ansible-base) on PyPI has
actually been upgraded to 2.10.

Explanation for the ML:

Starting with version 2.10, the upstream package previously known as
ansible is formally known as "ansible-base" and only provides the bare
minimum of functionality - the core programs, some documentation, and a
tiny subset of modules and plugins to allow for a functioning
controller. All the other modules which were previously part of core
ansible (see [2]) are now independent modules.

Note that this only pertains to upstream packages of Ansible released on
GitHub. On PyPI, "ansible" will continue to bundle the "core" modules;
this is explicitly mentioned in several places in [1]. The problem is,
=app-admin/ansible-2.10.0 has quietly replaced pypi:ansible with
pypi:ansible-base in SRC_URI. This may or may not have had something to
do with the fact pypi:ansible has not been updated to 2.10.0 yet (for
now it's only pre-releases for that branch).




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