Hi all,

the tl;dr is that new customization options are available on
packages.gentoo.org. On the right side of the navigation bar you will
find a new link to the preferences pages. On these pages it's possible
to customize different parts of packages.g.o to your needs.

For example, it's possible to customize the keywords that are shown or
the classes of pkgcheck warnings that are displayed. Furthermore it's
also possible to include all packages, QA reports, pull requests and
bugs of projects a maintainer is part of on the maintainer page. This
way, it's for instance possible to view all bugs of packages you are
maintaining as well as bugs of packages that are maintained by
projects you are part of.

Further customization options are available on the preferences pages.
Feel free to let me know if you are missing anything. Apart from that:
Happy customizing.


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