I haven't got any Intel APUs available to test this any more, and with upstream pushing towards a move to LLVM-11, being able to conduct runtime testing will likely be important. Therefore, effective immediately I no longer maintain:

dev-libs/vc-intrinsics [1]
media-libs/gmmlib [2]

[1] currently unused because intel-graphics-compiler upstream hasn't it made it possible to build against a non-bundled version yet [2] still has got one maintainer (media-video) but with newer versions of NEO frequently depending on new gmmlib features, it will IMHO make sense for the NEO maintainer to co-maintain this library as well

No open bugs. Intel upstream (i.e. all but SPIRV-LLVM-Translator) is generally friendly but their response time varies a lot, plus while they do officially support building against system-wide dependencies their own testing focuses primarily on bundling everything together so the distro approach doesn't always work (case in point: VectorCompiler support in recent versions of intel-graphics-compiler, which I have so far only been able to build without errors while using locally available LLVM sources). SPIRV-LLVM-Translator mostly seems to pretend they are not there so chances are you will have to package release snapshots (separately for different LLVM major versions) in order for recent versions of NEO to work; this is why the current stable version in Gentoo is so behind upstream releases.


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