On 11/26/20 10:07 AM, Thomas Deutschmann wrote:
> Only root is allowed to write to these directories. In other words: To
> exploit this, a malicious local user (or a remote attacker who already
> gained user access) would have to trick root into creating specially
> crafted tmpfiles config allowing for race conditions first (according to
> the 10 immutable laws of security, if this is already possible, you are
> already lost).

Most of these security issues were fixed in systemd-tmpfiles years ago,
and you can easily find upstream tmpfiles.d entries that contain e.g.
"Z" entries. In that case, the upstream file is not in error, and root
doesn't have to be actively tricked into installing anything -- it will
just happen.

Opentmpfiles literally cannot fix this. There is no POSIX API to safely
handle hardlinks. At best it can be reduced to the same race condition
we have in checkpath, but the entire project would have to be rewritten
in C to accomplish even that.

Corollary: the tmpfiles.d specification can only be implemented (safely)
on Linux after all.

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