Let me begin by giving my sincere thanks to everyone who has already taken time in the last several weeks to either migrate their Lua-dependent packages to lua{,-single}.eclass or otherwise made sure said packages will not block migration to slotted dev-lang/lua. Your efforts have been VERY much appreciated!

On the less positive side, the slotted-Lua tracker bug [1] has still got 119 open "migrate to lua eclasses" tickets attached to it. You can find the complete list at [2]. While the migration of some of depends on various Lua modules which have not themselves been migrated (from a glance at the dependency tree, it seems dev-lua/lpeg and dev-lua/LuaBitOp are the ones we need the most urgently), the vast majority of these packages depend on dev-lang/lua only i.e. could already be migrated.

[1] https://bugs.gentoo.org/657722
[2] https://dev.gentoo.org/~marecki/open_lua_eclass_bugs-20201128184637.txt


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