Here's an update on where we're standing right now.  Including only non-
masked packages.  Please note that there's only month left.  Afterwards,
the offending packages will be cleaned up / last rited (except for
build-time deps).

Waiting for cleanup of old (non-trivial!):
- dev-db/percona-server
- media-tv/mythtv
- x11-plugins/enigmail

Build-time deps, only old versions:
- dev-lang/spidermonkey

Build-time deps, to stay for the time being:
- dev-python/pypy*
- dev-qt/qtwebengine
- games-strategy/0ad
- www-client/chromium

Waiting for py3 port (likely last rite candidates):
- games-engines/renpy

Dependencies of other packages on the list:
- dev-python/numpy-python2 (games-engines/renpy)
- dev-python/pygame_sdl2 (likewise)

Best regards,
Michał Górny

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