On 2020-12-04 01:54, Michał Górny wrote:

Waiting for py3 port (likely last rite candidates):
- games-engines/renpy

RenPy 7.4.0, released on the 26th of November, features "new Python 3
compatibility mode". It is of course up to the maintainer of this
package to decide how to proceed but were this up to me, I would very
much rather version-bump games-engines/renpy (in spite of 7.4.0 being
described by upstream as a pre-release) than last-rite it altogether.

Sure but I'm afraid the games will need explicit porting to py3 as well.

Well, the games will probably have to go - if I see correctly we have currently got 4 games-engines/renpy revdeps in the tree (games-misc/katawa-shoujo, games-rpg/asphyxia, games-rpg/sakura-spirit, games-rpg/the-royal-trap) and they all explicitly depend on a slotted older version of the engine.


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