Hi all,

the tl;dr is that I've set up a new url shortener which is available
on https://go.gentoo.org/ currently. It can generate short links like
'go.gentoo.org/XXX' or you can create custom persistent links like
'go.gentoo.org/arzano/tyrian' or 'go.gentoo.org/infra/hashicorp'.
Basically, I'm looking for some quick feedback whether you consider
this as useful or don't think you would use it much, to decide whether
it's worth offering this service.

As mentioned the url-shortener is deployed on https://go.gentoo.org
currently. The source code is available at [0]. It's only accessible
by Gentoo developers using Gentoo SSO for the authentication. You can
log in using your nickname and your ldap password. Basically two use
cases are supported:

1) Just paste a link and get an automatically shortened url like
'go.gentoo.org/XXX'. This is pretty much the normal url shortener

2) You can paste a link and create a custom persistent link using a
prefix like 'go.gentoo.org/$prefix/$custom'. Allowed prefixes are the
nickname of the developer that is logged in or a project the developer
is part of. Thus I for one could create links like
'go.gentoo.org/arzano/tyrian' or 'go.gentoo.org/infra/hashicorp'.
However, I would e.g. not be able to create
'go.gentoo.org/qa/policy-guide' as I am not part of the qa project.
Only members of the QA team could create that link. That's also the
reason I've been coming up with this, as this way every developer /
every project would be able to create custom persistent, nice / short

However, please note that this is just a first beta version yet and
it's not meant to be production-ready yet. Please feel free to test it
though. In general, I'm looking for some feedback on whether you would
be interested in the two functionalities to get a feeling whether it's
worth spending time on this / offering this service at all.
Also I would be especially interested whether you consider the second
functionality as useful. Because if we just want the first
functionality, we can simplify this and just use any of the
url-shorteners that are already out there, instead of using the
solution I have built.


[0] https://gitweb.gentoo.org/sites/go-gentoo.git/

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