I hope this is the appropiate place to ask this question as I do not see many
questions of this kind on this list...

Recently I received a bug report for a package of which I am the listed proxy
maintainer: https://bugs.gentoo.org/772908

Having looked into this, it seems the packages Makefile allows for tests to be
run which feeds a set of input to the 'remind' executable and compares the
resulting output against an included textfile. For the test to run successfully,
the Makefile assumes the locale en_US.utf-8 to be available. On the build
environment by agostino's tinderbox, this locale is not available and thus the
test fails and hence the bug report. While I know the impact of this bug is very
minor, I'd still like to fix it, but am unsure on how to best do this.

Can I somehow enforce the locale to be used in the ebuild? I've tried running
the test with the default C locale and the test also fails with this setting. Or
should I ask upstream to provide test files for a C locale setting? Or should I
skip these tests completely, or mark the bug as WONTFIX? What would you advice
as the best approach for dealing with this?

Many thanks for any and all suggestions!



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