I am trying to create an ebuild file for
https://github.com/NVIDIA/libnvidia-container. It has a few other
dependencies which will be built by itself.

My ebuild can download and compile those dependencies. But one of the
dependency "libtirpc-1.3.2" needs to install itself in the temporary
portage environment. Its Makefile allows me to pass in the "DESTDIR"
variable which I passed in
but when it installs, the package is installed to
the working director got repeated after the "deps" directory.

I checked the makefile, but could not figure out where that path got
replicated. I guess when running inside the portage build environment,
there's some "chroot" trick that prevents packages from writing the root
file system.

So I want to ask if I need to do a "make install" during compilation, how
should I pass the destination directory?


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