>>>>> On Tue, 12 Jul 2022, Mike Gilbert wrote:

>> The snarkiness of Michał's comment left aside, in general "the name that
>> you would use to present yourself to your colleagues" won't work. It is
>> one of the examples in [1]:
>> | 4. People have, at this point in time, one full name which they go by.
>> | Not so, even in Western countries, where a woman may choose to retain
>> | her unmarried name at work (where she is already known by that name),
>> | and use her husband’s surname on social occasions, and even on legal
>> | documents such as mortgages and loans.

> So what's the problem? That people can have more than one "real name"?
> Can't they just pick one?

With the suggested new wording she would have to use the name by which
she is known at work. That may not be the name she prefers otherwise.

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