>>>>> On Tue, 12 Jul 2022, Robin H Johnson wrote:
> -to the commit message as a separate line.  The sign-off must contain
> -the committer's legal name as a natural person, i.e., the name that
> -would appear in a government issued document.
> +to the commit message as a separate line. The Name used is discussed in
> +the next section.

The "natural person" part was lost in this change. It also doesn't
reappear in the added section below. I think we don't want any corporate
entities there (or at least that's what I had taken from the previous
"Sony" discussion).

> +Contributor Name
> +----------------

I just notice that it says "contributor" here while it is "committer"
above. Not sure which is better, but maybe we should use the same word

> +Contributors must sign off on contributions with a name that can be made
> +public and would pass copyright due diligence.

Suggestion: "with their name as a natural person"

> +
> +Nothing further is required if the name matches a government issued
> +document of the contributor.
> +
> +If the name does not match any government issued document, it must be a
> +name that can be verified by simple records search, and/or attestable in
> +a written statement, with a witnessed signature as before a notary.
> +
> +For the purposes of this policy, the Gentoo Foundation will not request
> +any verification of the name until such time as required by government
> +action or legal proceedings.
> [...]

>  Roy Bamford, Kristian Fiskerstrand, Andreas K. Hüttel, Manuel Rüger,
>  Matija Šuklje, Matthew Thode, and Alec Warner for their input.
> +For revision 1.2, further thanks are extended to kuzetsa CatSwarm,
> +Richard Freeman, John Helmert III, Ulrich Müller and Alec Warner.
The authors thanking themselves would be very unusual in an
acknowledgement. :) I suggest to just add John Helmert III to the
existing list (keeping alphabetical order). All others are either
authors or are already mentioned.


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