On 13/07/2022 11.12, Ulrich Mueller wrote:
>>>>>> On Mon, 11 Jul 2022, Ulrich Mueller wrote:
> So, any opinions? Should we go for the longer transition time (and make
> overlay maintainers happy), or for a shorter time so that we can tidy up
> eclasses sooner?
> Ulrich

My personal take on this question. Faster deprecation of EAPI ebuilds in
::gentoo repo (as we can control it), but longer time until we remove it
from eclasses. Note that I don't mean here deprecation, only removal.

I think that with current EAPI>=6 state, the "weight of supporting"
EAPI=6 isn't very heavy, so some extra time for overlays will be nice. I
do know that I don't help a lot in eclass maintenance, so if I wrong in
this statement, I won't complain of course.

Maybe (?) this will also help during bumps of old systems (not that we
care too much, as we give them along timeframe for this and they can use
snapshots of repo, but why not as an extra bonus).

Arthur Zamarin
Gentoo Linux developer (Python, Arch Teams, pkgcore stack, GURU)

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