On 22.7.2022 21.18, Matt Turner wrote:
> How would you suggest we track who has commit access, etc? The same
> way we do with developers, via a developer bug?
> I ask because I've noticed a lot of inactive proxied maintainers—one
> of which had been listed in metadata.xml for 6 years but had never
> committed to ::gentoo.

We can see them in gitolite's configuration. For example I can already
see who has guru commit access (to which branch even) or to infra-hosted
personal overlays. But I don't expect this list to grow very large, at
least currently. A tracker bug wouldn't hurt either, if we can enforce
it as part of the process early on (it can even be visible to infra-only
or something)

I must admit I haven't looked into actually implementing this in the
main tree but I'm pretty sure our gitolite has to be included, which
itself would solve this.

-- juippis

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