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> 1st RFC: "Trusted contributor model"
> I'm proposing us to giving special commit access to our well-reputable
> contributors (mostly proxied maintainers). They'd have access _only_ to
> their maintained package in git-tree. To understand what I mean, check
>   git shortlog -s -n net-im/telegram-desktop-bin/
>   git shortlog -s -n net-im/signal-desktop-bin/
Conceptually, yes, I think this is a good improvement. I'd like upstream
to be included as well in this set, for upstreams that know their own
package much better than us.

> On the technical side I'm not sure how to achieve this, but I know it
> can be done. For example the sync-repos are compiled like this all the
> time. If this proposal gains support, I'm willing to start figuring it
> out more in-depth.
Technically, I've got some implementation problems.

We *can* write a simple gitolite ACL that limits scope to a directory or
file, e.g. CAT/PN/

BUT, we can't write a simple gitolite ACL that limits the content within
profiles/package.mask or other files in profiles/ (we can write hooks
that might be able to do this, but that still requires the challenge of
validation inside the file).

I'd EXPECT a contributor to WANT to package.mask a cutting edge version
so it has time to bake and get well-tested, but if they can't do both
parts of the commit themselves, this process is likely problematic.

> 2nd RFC: Recruiting proven contributors without a mentor
> I'm aware recruiters don't really need to ask a permission here, but I
> believe it's great to gauge the general feelings about this beforehand.
> What would you say if recruiters started more actively approaching
> potential developers? 
> But seeing the general lack of interest towards mentoring, maybe this is
> something we _need_ to do in near future.
Yes, let's make it possible to join by the quiz, and the recruiting
only, mentors can be optional.

But in parallel:

It's been ~7 years since I last mentored somebody, mostly for reasons of
time with having young kids.

How do we make the mentorship process more lightweight?
(and possibly the quiz process, I haven't seen how the quiz has changed
since I last mentored)

Let's start with a potential intersection of your two ideas:
(these numbers are arbitrary, but try to reflect what I see some of the
trusted contributors doing)
- 9 good submissions (patches or PRs) over a 3 month period [must be at least 
- will get you an invite from recruiters to join
- either without a mentor, or a lightweight mentor

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