> On 23 Jul 2022, at 13:34, Michael Orlitzky <m...@gentoo.org> wrote:
> On Sat, 2022-07-23 at 02:49 +0100, Sam James wrote:
>> # Sam James <s...@gentoo.org> (2022-07-22)
>> # Monolithic mask for dev-haskell/* packages which have no reverse 
>> dependencies,
>> # are broken, or severely out of date. The aim is to have the Haskell overlay
>> # (::haskell) be the place for development packages and only have packages
>> # needed for end-user applications in ::gentoo, as the status who has
>> # proven to be unsustainable. More up-to-date versions of these packages
>> # are available in ::haskell.
>> # Removal on 2022-08-22.
>> ...
>> dev-haskell/hakyll
>> ...
>> sci-mathematics/agda
> Those two are (relatively) popular end-user applications.
> I'm sure this came up already, but just in case it didn't: we largely
> have two non-developers maintaining the ::haskell overlay, and they've
> been doing so since slyfox's retirement. Since there's an ongoing
> thread about recruitment... has anyone thought about letting them do
> their work in ::gentoo instead?

The two people you refer to (solpeth and hololeap) both warmly
welcomed this move and endorse it. It'd be great to have them as developers
and I've offered to help mentor them, as have others.

This is a similar style cleanup to what we did with OCaml / dev-ml/*.

If people want to keep some packages, we can talk about that,
sure - but help would be needed to look after their dependencies.

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