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>> "yescrypt" is an odd name for a hashing algorithm.  I looked it up on
>> Wikipedia, and it just redirects to the 2013 Password Hashing Competition
>> (PHC)[1], in which yescrypt was just a runner-up (along w/ catena, makwa,
>> and lyra2).  The winner was argon2.  So unless something has changed in the
>> last nine years or there is more recent information, wouldn't it make more
>> sense to go with the winner of such a competition (argon2) instead of a
>> runner-up?  I know marecki said Fedora was waiting for an official RFC for
>> argon2, but the wait for that ended almost a year ago in Sept 2021 when
>> RFC9106[2] was released.
>> Some really quick looking around, I'm not finding any substantive
>> discussions on why yescrypt is better than argon2.  It so far seems that it
>> just got implemented in libxcrypt sooner than argon2 did, so that's why
>> there is this sudden push for it.
>> E.g., on Issue #45 in linux-pam[3], user ldv-alt just states "I'd recommend
>> yescrypt instead.  Anyway, it has to be implemented in libcrypt.", but
>> provides no justification for why they recommend yescrypt.  Since we're
>> dealing with a fairly important function for system security, I kinda want
>> something with much more context that presents pros and cons for this
>> algorithm over others, especially argon2.
>> That said, there does appear to be an open pull request on libxcrypt for
>> argon2[4], so maybe that is something to follow to see where it goes?
>> 1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Password_Hashing_Competition
>> 2. https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/rfc9106
>> 3. https://github.com/linux-pam/linux-pam/issues/45
>> 4. https://github.com/besser82/libxcrypt/pull/150
>> tl;dr, I'm just a bit uncomfortable adopting a new hashing algo just because
>> it seems popular.  I would prefer something that's been thoroughly tested.
>> The scant info I've found thus far, that points to argon2, not yescrypt.
> There's justification for this in one of the references in zlogene's
> original mail:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/yescrypt_as_default_hashing_method_for_shadow#Detailed_Description

Yeah, I did read that bit, but it still feels like it is written as
someone's opinion rather than as an objective comparison.  It also states
that yescrypt is "based on NIST-approved primitives", whereas argon2 is
based on Blake2 (which I assume is not NIST-approved" at this time).  But
just because something uses a NIST-approved mechanism does not mean it
inherits that approval, so that argument doesn't completely convince me.

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