> On 27 Jul 2022, at 07:18, Madhu <enom...@meer.net> wrote:
>>>>>>> On Tue, 26 Jul 2022, Sam James wrote:
>>> +2. To use PulseAudio's daemon for sound, users should disable
>>> USE=sound-server for PipeWire, + enable USE=daemon on
>>> media-sound/pulseaudio, and add media-sound/pulseaudio-daemon to
>>> their world file:
>> "The text body should be wrapped at 72 characters."
>> https://www.gentoo.org/glep/glep-0042.html#news-item-body
> This is unecessarily restrictive to force the user to choose between
> pipewire and pulseaudio for the sound server.  It is possible (I am
> running it now), and should be possible for gentoo to have both
> installed simultaneously and run one or the other at any given time,
> through configuration files.
> [I think the only patch that is required is for
> alsa-plugins/pulse/conf_pulse.c: (conf_pulse_hook_load_if_running)
> which can be taught to check if the pipewire daemon is running and
> quit that particular module. but it is not pipewire aware yet]

Patches welcome but this is the status quo and documenting the status
quo is important.

But... making it easy to choose one or the other is important.

Your described method doesn't sound like it would be deterministic
or predictable.

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