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> Hello *,
> Sorry for a very naive question.
> In the past, I used
> repoman commit
> to commit a new ebuild. I got a text screen in my terminal where I typed my
> passphraise (if I then committed something else within the timeout, I didn't
> have to re-type it).
> Now we are recommended to use
> pkgdev commit
> instead. But it does not ask for my passphraise, just writes an error message
> that it cannot sign my commit.
> If I commit something with repoman and then (within the timeout) commit
> something else with pkgdev, it works.

See https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Pkgdev#git_signing_errors.

My guess is that repoman is picking up the right key but pkgdev, because
It just asks git, isn't.

repoman would use a configuration option in make.conf while pkgdev does not.

> Thanks in advance,
> Andrey


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