>>>>> On Mon, 01 Aug 2022, Duncan  wrote:

> The first possible clarification fits here (I think).  Something like:

> This GLEP is intended as a policy reference guide for EAPI minimum effective
> times.  Despite the statistical qualifications listed here no EAPI
> will be deprecated or banned without specific Gentoo Council action.

> (While this is implied by the "Gentoo Council will..." wording, making it
> explicit could prevent later confusion/controversy.)

> [...]

> The second possible clarification seems to fit about here, but may require
> a bit of adjustment to the text above it.

> The two 24-month times are effectively additive, yielding a total 48 months
> minimum between addition of an EAPI and banning of the previous one.  Given
> past EAPI history of at minimum a year between EAPI introductions that should
> yield a minimum three years of active EAPI life before deprecation, one year
> minimum as the newest EAPI plus two years before deprecation, plus two years
> of deprecation, for five years total EAPI life before ban.

> (This isn't entirely necessary but makes explicit the answer to one of my 
> first
> questions reading the proposal.  YMMV.  I debated spec vs rational, but 
> decided
> rational was a better fit.)

I'd rather keep the text concise. For the first suggestion, the wording
already implies it. For the second one, people can do that maths


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