Hi all,

Wanted to document a public service announcement for minor wiki enhancements:

1. "Fund me" links are now available on the wiki developer 'profile' boxes. You can post a free-form URL to your GitHub Sponsor, Patreon, PayPal or another page. I know that I'm very appreciative of all the work that people put into making my OS run amazingly, so if you do have a method to accept donations I encourage you to post it here. :)

2. Project pages now include an optional link to assigned-bugs at bugs.g.o. (closes bug 686264). Of course only works if the project has an email address assignment on our Bugzilla.

See the announcement on the wiki here:


I historically haven't written to the mailing lists much, but if this is well received I'll try better to keep everyone in the loop on wiki changes (as infrequent as they are!). If you see something that's terrible, please let me know.

Thankful for you all!


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