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Up for grabs because of inactivity.

dev-python/pyside2 has several open bugs and a version bump pending.

Needs some real love to tidy it up.


Wouldn't it be applicable to put these packages under the umbrella of
the Gentoo Qt project?

It still need someone to maintain it either way, qt@ is rather small
and Qt6 is likely to use up people's time already. Being m-n at least
make its current state clear (up to qt@ though).
They're developed, published and hosted by the The Qt Company (in
contrast for example to PyQt5 or QtPy) and are only python
bindings for the Qt framework, although they're currently distributed
in a separate tarball and not with the Qt tarball.

On a side-note I'll be adding PyQt6 to the tree once I can[1], but I
don't use pyside for anything and probably won't be looking at pyside6.

[1] https://github.com/gentoo/gentoo/pull/26504

I've added myself as the maintainer of shiboken2 and pyside2(-tools). I
also added shiboken6 and pyside6(-tools) (masked for testing).
Unfortunately the latter is stuck on python3_10 only at the moment,
adding python3_11 to this is a whole new can of worms.

Help with these packages is most welcome. They are notoriously difficult
and fragile.

Best regards,

Thanks Andrew for taking care of these packages. Like I said, I'd be
happy to comaintain the packages and keep an additional two eyes on

Great! Would you like me to add you to the metadata.xml files so you'll get CC'ed on the bugs?

In my draft[1] for pyside6, I've also found the python 3.11
incompatibility and removed it for further investigation. However, what
I noticed, is, that upstream only has compatibility for python3 up to
3.10. Closing my draft, now that the package has been merged into the

I completely forgot to check for open PRs before starting to work on this, sorry about that. I could have saved myself a couple of hours of work if I had. Thanks for the PR anyway. The python3_11 incompatibility probably requires some patch for shiboken6. It should be fixable considering that pyside2 does compile with python3_11 (after patching). In any case it is not urgent since it is still masked.

Best regards,

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