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+# Copyright 1999-2022 Gentoo Authors.
+# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
+# Copied from
+gfx803 - Fiji GPU, codename fiji, including Radeon R9 Nano/Fury/FuryX, Radeon 
Pro Duo, FirePro S9300x2, Radeon Instinct MI8 
+gfx900 - Vega GPU, codename vega10, including Radeon Vega Frontier Edition, 
Radeon RX Vega 56/64, Radeon RX Vega 64 Liquid, Radeon Pro Vega 48/56/64/64X, 
Radeon Pro WX 8200/9100, Radeon Pro V320/V340/SSG, Radeon Instinct MI25
+gfx906 - Vega GPU, codename vega20, including Radeon (Pro) VII, Radeon 
Instinct MI50/MI60
+gfx908 - CDNA Accelerator, codename arcturus, including AMD Instinct MI100 
+gfx90a - CDNA2 Accelerator, codename aldebaran, including AMD Instinct MI200 
series Accelerators
+gfx1010 - RDNA GPU, codename navi10, including Radeon RX 
5700XT/5700/5700M/5700B/5700XTB/5600XT/5600/5600M, Radeon Pro 5700XT/5700, 
Radeon Pro W5700X/W5700
+gfx1011 - RDNA GPU, codename navi12, including Radeon Pro 5600M/V520
+gfx1012 - RDNA GPU, codename navi14, including Radeon RX 
5500XT/5500/5500M/5500XTB/5300/5300M, Radeon Pro 5500XT/5500M/5300/5300M, 
Radeon Pro W5500X/W5500/W5500M/W5300M
+gfx1030 - RDNA2 GPU, codename navi21/sienna cichlid, including Radeon RX 
6950XT/6900XT/6800XT/6800, Radeon Pro W6800
+gfx1031 - RDNA2 GPU, codename navi22/navy flounder, including Radeon RX 

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