On 06.09.22 11:33, Michał Górny wrote:
Hi, everyone.

Since we've been standardizing some things in Gentoo lately, I was
thinking we could try to get some media types registered with IANA.

Particularly, I'm thinking of registering our Manifest format [1] as:


and our new binary package container format [2] as:


However, the process is non-trivial and I'm not sure if the latter
really qualifies, given we're only specifying the container and not
the complete data format.  To be honest, the specs are quite huge
and I'd really appreciate some help grasping all of this.

Perhaps ebuilds and eclasses would also qualify for registration.


If you are happy to put in the effort, then I would go for it. Some (most?) IANA registries are relatively easy to get in. I have some, but somewhat little, experience with IANA due my XMPP background and I am happy to assist.

- Flow

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