>>>>> On Thu, 08 Sep 2022, Michał Górny wrote:
> -The Manifest files use UTF-8 encoding.
> +The Manifest files use UTF-8 encoding.  Line feed (``U+000A``) character
> +is used to separate lines.  For best compatibility, empty lines and any
> +additional whitespace, including the carriage return character
> +(``U+000D``) should be ignored by the implementation.

Either "Line feed (``U+000A``) is used ..." or "The line feed
(``U+000A``) character is used ..."

> +Newline convention
> +------------------

Please insert a blank line here.

> +Prior to version 1.2, the specification did not indicate the encoding
> +to be used for newlines. Since the format is primarily used on Gentoo
> +Linux systems, this has been changed to follow the Unix convention
> +of using the line feed character. However, for best interoperability
> +implementation should be prepared to treat superfluous carriage return

s/implementation/the implementation/

> +characters as whitespace and ignore them.

Also I notice that you use double space after full stop in the first
paragraph above but a single space in the second paragraph. This should
be consistent throughout the GLEP.

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