On 10/09/2022 18.49, Jeff Gazso wrote:
> This one caught me by surprise.
> So, it looks like the versions of net-misc/electrum (the Bitcoin client)
> in Gentoo's repository are in pretty good shape. The version of
> net-misc/electrum-ltc (the Litecoin client) in the Gentoo repository
> looks like it's two years old. (For those who are unfamiliar the
> Litecoin client is downstream of the Bitcoin client, both projects share
> a lot of the same code.) I checked upstream and the current version of
> electrum-ltc appears to have been bumped to Python 3.8 and it looks like
> the old aiorpcX (#792219) issue that was causing such a headache has
> also been fixed as of a PR this past February. See my note in #792219.

Looks like you are correct, but note that we currently have 3.10 as
stable version, so electrum-ltc should be at least that version.

> Pardon my ignorance, but couldn't this package be salvaged by
> repurposing the net-misc/electrum ebuild code to bring the
> net-misc/electrum-ltc package current? Is the situation more complicated
> than that?

If any user manages to fix the issues mentioned in last rite message
(mainly bump to at least 3.10 python target), I would gladly cancel the
last-rite and mask.
If you do it, please ping me in the PR, and I would gladly review it.

Those last-rites I did today are mainly for those packages that were
stuck in only 3.8, had a bug open for 7-10 month already. If any
maintainer can fix those ebuilds, I would happily revert the last-rite.

> ~Jeff

Arthur Zamarin
Gentoo Linux developer (Python, Arch Teams, pkgcore stack, GURU)

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