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@@ -27,7 +27,8 @@ Changes
-  Formally specified the current set of hash algorithms supported.
+  Formally specified the current set of hash algorithms and compressed
+  Manifest formats supported.
   Specified the newline convention used for Manifests.
@@ -422,9 +423,8 @@ compression and this specification.
 The compressed Manifest files are required to be suffixed for their
 compression algorithm. This suffix should be used to recognize
-the compression and decompress Manifests transparently. The exact list
-of algorithms and their corresponding suffixes are outside the scope
-of this specification.
+the compression and decompress Manifests transparently. The supported
+formats are specified in `compressed file formats`_ section.
 The top-level Manifest file must not be compressed. Since the OpenPGP
 signature covers the uncompressed text and is compressed itself,
@@ -445,6 +445,47 @@ uncompressed content and the specification is free to 
choose either
 of the files using the same base name.
+Compressed file formats
+.. table:: Table 2. Defined compressed file formats
+   :widths: auto
+   :class: table table-bordered table-striped
+   =========== ====== ==================== ===========
+   Tool name   Suffix Specification        Notes
+   =========== ====== ==================== ===========
+   bzip2       .bz2   (none known)
+   gzip        .gz    RFC 1952 [#RFC1952]_ Recommended
+   lz4         .lz4   (none known)
+   lzip        .lz    RFC draft [#LZIP]_
+   lzma        .lzma  (none known)         Deprecated
+   lzop        .lzo   (none known)
+   xz          .xz    xz [#XZ]_
+   zstd        .zst   RFC 8878 [#RFC8878]_
+   =========== ====== ==================== ===========
+Any new formats must be added to this specification prior to being used
+for Manifest files. Adding a new compressed file format is considered
+a backwards-compatible change to the GLEP. It is recommended that new
+formats use their reference (most common) file suffixes.
+An implementation can implement an arbitrary subset of the listed
+formats. For best interoperability, it should implement at least
+the recommended formats. Using deprecated formats should be avoided.
+If multiple Manifest variants coexist using different compressed file
+formats, the implementation may choose to use an arbitrary subset
+of them. However, all of them must be verified against the hashes stored
+in the containing Manifest. Should they be decompressed, the resulting
+contents must be identical.
+If the compressed file format is unsupported and a variant using
+a supported format coexists, the other variant should be used. However,
+at least one supported variant must exist for the verification
+to succeed.
 Combining multiple Manifest trees (informational)
@@ -986,12 +1027,19 @@ into a compressed sub-Manifest in the top directory (e.g.
 ``Manifest.sub.gz``), and including a ``MANIFEST`` entry for this file
 in a signed, uncompressed top-level Manifest.
-The existence of additional entries for uncompressed Manifest checksums
-was debated. However, plain entries for the uncompressed file would
-be confusing if only the compressed file existed, and conflicting
-if both uncompressed and compressed variants existed. Furthermore,
-it has been pointed out that ``DIST`` entries do not have
-an uncompressed variant either.
+The existence of additional entries for checksums of Manifest contents
+after uncompressing was debated. However, plain entries for
+the uncompressed file would be confusing if only the compressed file
+existed. Furthermore, it has been pointed out that ``DIST`` entries
+do not have an uncompressed variant either.
+The specification permits coexistence of multiple variants of the same
+Manifest file using different compression for historical compatibility.
+However, there does not seem to be any real benefit from including
+a compressed Manifest file if the uncompressed variant needs to exist
+anyway. Providing different compressed variants could technically
+improve interoperability, though the same result could probably
+be achieved by using a more commonly supported format (e.g. gzip).
 Performance considerations
@@ -1123,6 +1171,20 @@ References
 .. [#WHIRLPOOL] The WHIRLPOOL Hash Function (archived at 2017-11-29)
+.. [#RFC1952] RFC 1952: GZIP file format specification version 4.3
+   (
+.. [#LZIP] RFC draft: Lzip Compressed Format and the 'application/lzip'
+   Media Type
+   (
+.. [#XZ] The .xz File Format
+   (
+.. [#RFC8878] RFC 8878: Zstandard Compression and the 'application/zstd'
+   Media Type
+   (
 .. [#C08] Cappos, J et al. (2008). "Attacks on Package Managers"

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