Fun thing to share: thanks to mgorny, file(1) (sys-apps/file) now
supports Gentoo ebuilds, eclasses, and binpkgs.

$ file sys-apps/file/file-9999.ebuild
sys-apps/file/file-9999.ebuild: Gentoo ebuild, EAPI 8, ASCII text

$ file sys-apps/file/Manifest
sys-apps/file/Manifest: Gentoo Manifest (GLEP 74)

$ file eclass/autotools.eclass
eclass/autotools.eclass: Gentoo eclass autotools.eclass, Unicode text,
UTF-8 text

$ file /var/cache/binpkgs/app-shells//zsh-5.9-r1.gpkg.tar
/var/cache/binpkgs/app-shells//zsh-5.9-r1.gpkg.tar: Gentoo GLEP 78
(GPKG) binary package for "zsh-5.9-r1" using zstd compression

Thought this was a nice fun thing to share.


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