>>>>> On Fri, 21 Oct 2022, Robin H Johnson wrote:

>> So far we had followed the principle not to list authors in the
>> acknowledgements (which is worded "the authors would like to thank").
>> If we start adding them for revision 1.2, then we'd have to add more
>> names to the existing list.

> How's the clarification now, making it clear those are the authors for
> version 1.2?

I'd still prefer a single list of acknowledgements in alphabetical
order, without any of the authors included. (But I don't have a strong
opinion, so if you absolutely want to have a separate paragraph for 1.2,
then go ahead.)

However, can we please keep the authors list (in the header) as-is?
If we're now going to include people for adding a single sentence or
suggestion, then we'd also have to list several (all?) of the persons
who are listed in the original acknowledgements.

>> Another small point: Whitespace in the new section doesn't follow the
>> style in the rest of the GLEP, which uses two blank lines before and one
>> blank line after section headings, as well as two spaces at the end of
>> every sentence. (This is also what GLEP 2 says.)

> Fixed - the blank lines were inconsistent in multiple places, but the
> two spaces were correct.

There shouldn't be double blank lines _after_ section headings (i.e.
only a single blank line after "Specification" and "Rationale") [1].


[1] https://www.gentoo.org/glep/glep-0002.html#id15

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