On Sun, Mar 26, 2023 at 09:57:36AM +0200, Hans de Graaff wrote:
> # Hans de Graaff <gra...@gentoo.org> (2023-03-26)
> # Mask ruby27-only packages related to hiera-eyaml. These require a now
> # masked version of puppet and other obsolete ruby27-only test
> # dependencies. Masked for removal on 2023-04-26.
> dev-ruby/hiera-eyaml
> dev-ruby/hiera-eyaml-gpg
Infra needs these, please revert.

I can confirm that the package does work properly with both Ruby 3.0 & Ruby 3.1

The Puppet/Aruba/Cucumber deps are test-only.

Looking deeper, I think the <puppet-6 dep is wrong, because upstream CI
tests on Ruby 3.1 + Puppet7 already successfully. The Gemfile doesn't
lock in old Puppet either.

The same CI run *also* shows aruba-0.6.2 installed on Ruby 3.2, and used
to test hiera-eyaml (hiera-eyaml has a tiny patch in master for Ruby 3.2

Lastly, if I tweak aruba-0.6.2 and install it for Ruby 3.0 & Ruby 3.1
myself without FEATURES=tests on aruba, then the tests on hiera-eyaml &
hiera-eyaml-gpg ALSO pass.

So do we really remove packages because a 2nd-order test-only dependency
fails it's own tests? (aruba:0 failing tests on Ruby 3 being the only
reason I can see to remove stuff right now).

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