On 26/04/2023 18.12, Matt Turner wrote:
On Wed, Apr 26, 2023 at 11:31 AM Florian Schmaus <f...@gentoo.org> wrote:
The discussion would be more productive if someone who is supporting the
EGO_SUM deprecation could rationally summarize the main arguments why we
deprecated EGO_SUM.

You're requesting the changes. It's on you to read the previous
threads and try to understand. It's not others' responsibilities to
justify the status quo to you, but tl;dr is Manifest files grew to
insane sizes for golang packages with many dependencies, and the
Manifest size is a cost all Gentoo users pay regardless of whether
they use the package.

I am sorry. I did try to understand the reasoning in the previous threads. However, I do not conclude that the "cost" users must pay for EGO_SUM justifies EGO_SUM's deprecation. It is the other way around: EGO_SUM's advantages do not explain its deprecation, even if users have to pay a cost.

You write that the "Manifest sizes grew to insane sizes"?

At which boundary does a package size, the total size of the package's directory, become insane?

Disk space is cheap. Currently, ::gentoo, without metadata, is around 470 MiB. If you add 10 Go packages with a whopping 200 KiB each, then this adds 2 MiB to that. I need someone to explain how this constitutes an issue with disk space. Even if we add 100 Go packages, probably roughly the number of Go packages we have in ::gentoo, then those 20 MiB are not significant. Needless to say that the average size of a Go package is less than the 200 KiB uses in this calculation.

Network traffic, while also being cheap, may be more of an issue. Currently, gentoo-latest.tar.xz is ~41 MiB. So on a conservative approximation ::gentoo compresses to 1/10. So, the 10 Go-packages cause 200 KiB of additional traffic. Even when using a low-bandwidth connection, say 12 KiB/s, this only adds 17 extra seconds to the transfer duration.

Moreover, the rate of change would be a better metric if we want to quantify the cost of a package. For example, a user who syncs daily is more affected by a package with 1 KiB of daily changes than a 200 KiB package that changes once per year.

The "cost" for EGO_SUM is negligible.

- Flow

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