On 27/04/2023 11.24, Ulrich Mueller wrote:
On Thu, 27 Apr 2023, Florian Schmaus wrote:

Network traffic, while also being cheap, may be more of an issue.
Currently, gentoo-latest.tar.xz is ~41 MiB. So on a conservative
approximation ::gentoo compresses to 1/10. So, the 10 Go-packages
cause 200 KiB of additional traffic. Even when using a low-bandwidth
connection, say 12 KiB/s, this only adds 17 extra seconds to the
transfer duration.

Manifest files contain binary hashes which don't compress to 1/10.
A factor of 1/2 may be more realistic (since a byte is represented by
two hex digits).

You are right, Manifests compress roughly to half their size. I did not consider that. Thanks for pointing it out.

This does not affect the argument regarding the rate of change, though.

- Flow

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