On 30/05/2023 18:35, Arthur Zamarin wrote:
My solution is as such:

1. Undeprecate EGO_SUM in eclass
2. Forbid it's usage in ::gentoo (done by pkgcheck, error level, will
fail CI and as such we can see the misuse). Overlays are allowed.
3. Maintainer starts talks with upstreams to add release workflow to
create vendored source tarball, in hopes of it succeeding. "Start early,
to future profit". I see this flow similar to the "always try to
upstream patches".
4. Until upstream adds it, in ::gentoo use vendor tarballs.

I also think many devs agree with this solution, but I can't talk for
them, so I'll be happy agreeing devs can at least reply shortly their
agreement or disagreement.

I fully agree with Arthur

With regards to proxy-maintained packages: The proxy can generate and upload the vendor tarball for the proxied, this is not that much extra work.

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