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wxGTK:3.2-gtk3 is now stable. But there are 98 ebuilds depending on wxGTK:3.0-gtk3 and only 22 ebuilds depending on wxGTK:3.2-gtk3 in the tree. Probably, in a vast majority of cases 3.0 can be simply replaced by 3.2 without any negative consequences. What could be a reasonable way to organize the transition 3.0 -> 3.2 in the tree? File a zillion bugs?

The fact that this dependence is written in a special syntax
makes such a transition more difficult. Unlike the normal dependency syntax, it is not possible to write something like
This is unfortunate. The 3.0 -> 3.2 transition absolutely requires to edit ebuild texts, unlike :*= where the same ebuild can work with different slots (just a recompilation is sufficient for transition). This fact makes it impossible for an ebuild to work with both slots. In a majority of cases, I suppose, it would be desirable to allow an ebuild to work with any of these 2 slots, without a necessity to edit it. But, alas, this is not possible.


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