Alexe Stefan <> writes:

> I don't use chromium and I don't know what release cycle it has, but can't 
> those interested in running chromium use an
> ebuild that tracks the git tree and updates after every change.
> The maintenance burden would be minimal, and any patches could be applied 
> with /etc/portage/patches. 
> If something like this isn't suitable for ::gentoo, it can be added to a 
> personal overlay.
> If the upstream release cycle is too fast, someone could fork the repo and 
> update the fork as slow as desired.
> Maybe something like this:
> # Copyright 1999-2023 Gentoo Authors

No, this misses the point about what's hard - keeping things
building. Let's try to keep speculation down, please. This is already a
complicated topic without guessing.

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