we have many local gpg useflags which basically just enable gpg.
Should we merge these to one global useflag?

Additionally we have a few gpgme useflags.
See also https://bugs.gentoo.org/679634

What are your ideas?

We have also have a bunch of USE=pgp and USE=openpgp, both of which are
more correct than USE=gpg.

Yeah, typical case of "formally correct thing being way more difficult to
understand than colloquially practical thing" ...

You are right.
I would prefer the formally correct "OpenPGP" after reading a bit more.
This is how it is named in the RFCs [1] and this is what we mean.

If we use either gpg or pgp it will raise new questions and confuse the users.

It is better to write 4 additional characters and make it simple and precise.

We can explain all details in the description then.

[1] https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/rfc4880


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