On 10/01/2024 16.10, Ulrich Mueller wrote:
On Wed, 10 Jan 2024, Florian Schmaus wrote:

On 10/01/2024 14.58, Ulrich Mueller wrote:
Looks like readme.gentoo-r1 already gives you control over this:
# If you want to show them always, please set FORCE_PRINT_ELOG to a non empty
# value in your ebuild before this function is called.
# This can be useful when, for example, DOC_CONTENTS is modified, then, you can
# rely on specific REPLACING_VERSIONS handling in your ebuild to print messages
# when people update from versions still providing old message.

It is easy to forget setting FORCE_PRINT_ELOG, just as it is easy to
forget to unset it again.

An automatism is always preferable over a manual solution.

Maybe I want manual control? For example, when I fix a typo in the
README file then I don't want to show it to users again.

An automatism does not exclude an manual override. That can easily be added to greadme.eclass.

There seems to be a big win-win if we override the compression
settingin this case.

I tend to disagree. We shouldn't override users' choices unless
absolutely necessary.

Just that there is no misunderstanding: you are aware that it is a file of typically just a few lines of text that we are discussing here whether or not it should be compressed?

Seems like overshooting the mark to argue with users' choices in this case.

- Flow

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