Hi all,

rust@ is essentially empty as gyakovlev is long-term away and
dev-lang/rust, dev-lang/rust-bin, virtual/rust, sys-devel/rust-std,
etc all need _at least one_ maintainer.

xen0n has been doing some of the bumps but he's only really doing
so drive-by (although with best-effort review) and isn't AFAIK
interested in maintaining Rust full-time.

gyakovlev had some notes at
https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/User:GYakovlev/Rust_bump on bumping Rust,
might be that xen0n can improve that a little bit to improve handover if

Ultimately, Rust needs an active maintainer who is on-top of the
ecosystem and able to handle the regular bumps every 6 weeks.

We already have a package needing not-in-tree rust-1.75.0
(https://bugs.gentoo.org/922880) which was only released 3-4 weeks

Please consider stepping forward if you rely on Rust. There's more
than enough advocates for it, there should be someone who is able
to then handle the packaging side.


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