On 2024-06-11 07:11:06, Viorel Munteanu wrote:
> # Viorel Munteanu <cea...@gentoo.org> (2024-06-11)
> # dev-php/pear, dev-php/PEAR-* and their reverse dependencies: mask for 
> removal
> # in 30 days.
> # They are all unmaintained, most of the ebuilds are still EAPI 6, and 
> together
> # they have around 40 bugs.
> # Removal: 2024-07-11.  Bug #933998.
> ...

Some of these should be saved:

 * app-admin/drush is the last version of drush that works with
   Drupal-7.x (still supported upstream) and doesn't bundle a thousand
   dependencies. I've been patching it to avoid warnings with newer
   versions of PHP.

 * dev-php/PEAR-{Auth_SASL,Crypt_GPG,Mail_Mime,Net_IDNA2,Net_Sieve,
   are all used by Roundcube. Our ebuilds for mail-client/roundcube
   bundle them right now, but they can be unbundled (just rm -r
   the bundled copies). Afterwards these will have revdeps again.

That subset should be relatively bug-free -- one of the authors of
Roundcube maintains the PEAR packages that it needs. The rest are
indeed obsolete AFAIK though.

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