Here's a next batch of minor changes to distutils-r1 + a signifcant
change to python-r1.

For python-r1, the patch overrides PYTHON_USEDEP
and PYTHON_SINGLE_USEDEP for phase function calls, similarly to how we
do it for python_check_deps().  This makes it possible to easily perform
has_version calls for the dependencies of a package, e.g. to
conditionally skip some tests.

In fact, I was so used to python_check_deps() doing that, that I've
forgotten that distutils-r1 doesn't do it and relied on it in a bunch
of ebuilds (effectively deselecting tests on all implementations when
I only meant to do it on a few).

As for distutils-r1, the biggest change is removing
distutils_install_for_testing (and distutils_enable_tests --install).
It was deprecated for a while now along with legacy builds, and it is
only used in ::gentoo in old package versions (that will be removed
along with the change).  This is a step towards pushing overlays
to PEP517 migration.

Besides that, some eclass documentation improvements are included,
and DISTUTILS_IN_SOURCE_BUILD is marked as deprecated via eclassdoc,
effectively triggering pkgcheck reports about it.  That will probably
be the next legacy build feature to be removed.

Pull request: https://github.com/gentoo/gentoo/pull/36945

Michał Górny (8):
  distutils-r1.eclass: Remove doc for DOCS, HTML_DOCS and PATCHES
  distutils-r1.eclass: Doc DISTUTILS_IN_SOURCE_BUILD as deprecated
  distutils-r1.eclass: Document BUILD_DIR for consistency
  distutils-r1.eclass: Remove support for `d_e_t --install`
  distutils-r1.eclass: Remove distutils_install_for_testing
  distutils-r1.eclass: Change "PEP 517" to "PEP517", for consistency
  python-r1.eclass: Override PYTHON*_USEDEP in sub-phases

 eclass/distutils-r1.eclass | 217 ++++++-------------------------------
 eclass/python-r1.eclass    |   4 +-
 2 files changed, 38 insertions(+), 183 deletions(-)


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