On Thu, Jun 13, 2024 at 10:39:24AM +0200, Florian Schmaus wrote:
> Following up on the discussion of the last patchset, this
> - moves the functionally into a new eclass, as adjusting the existing
>   eclass to export new phase functions is not viable.
> - excludes the README.gentoo from decompression, as all other
>   presented approaches add complexity and cause additional disk space
>   consumption. While on the other hand, README.gentoo files are
>   typically very small because they should be suitable as pkg_postinst
>   output, so ther is often not much gained by compressing them.
> - adds a GREADME_SHOW show option, to manually override the behavior
>   (as requested by ionen).

I don't recall requesting anything, or was it something i said on
IRC that I forgot about? On the ML, just talked a bit about an
implementation possibility that wouldn't use the live files (plus
its perk of better control like not showing it on minor style/space

Also I assume GREADME_SHOW is actually GREADME_FORCE?

Not that I really looked closely at this yet, just replying because
I was mentioned.

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